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Restricting access

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Usage conditions

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1. General exclusions

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In no event shall the Company, its subsidiaries or affiliates be liable for any costs or damages to third parties, including direct, indirect, special, incidental or incidental damages or resulting from or in connection with access to or use of the Site or inability to access or use this Site, or any of its functions or features, including in connection with browsing, or downloading any information, data, text, images or other material accessible through this Site or any other website that has links to and from this Site. Site.

It is the responsibility of the User of this Site to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, safety and usefulness of the opinions, services or other information provided. Any information provided on this Site is conditioned by the fact that it should not be considered as legal, accounting, fiscal, financial, investment or other professional advice on specific issues or problems. Accordingly, we do not assume any responsibility for any use or misuse of this information. Users of this Site should consult specialists regarding their personal circumstances.

2. No offers

No material on this Site should be construed as a request for offer, offer, advice, recommendation or any other service to purchase or dispose of any investment or to engage in any other

your investment or transaction. For any information about specific products or countries, consult the respective site.

3. Intellectual property

Unless otherwise stated, all information, texts, graphics, logo, features and functions, as well as the layout (including design) contained in this Site are the exclusive property of the Company. However, the User may download or print any page on this Site for personal, non-commercial use provided that the copyright clauses are not removed.

The creation of this Site used design, images, texts or information obtained from free sources of information on the Internet or are their own conception and Rual Farm is not responsible in any way, can not be blamed or subject to damages for use or any other fees for their use. At the date and location from which the images, texts or information were taken at the time of their introduction in the context of the Site, they were not restricted or under the terms of copyright. If a natural person and / or legal entity proves that it is the author or holds copyright for the design, images, texts or information used in this site, it is obliged to notify Rual Farm and to prove these rights. Rual Farm will have to remove that design, image, text or information immediately after receiving the written notification and will not be responsible for paying any amount for the use of these elements neither before receiving the notification nor after receiving the notification.

4. Links

The links on this Site or other websites are provided only for the information and convenience of the User.

The company does not assume responsibility and is not responsible for any website that has links from this Site (or any website that leads to this Site), including their content and operation. The company does not analyze or monitor such links. These websites may come from outside your country and are subject to different regulations and laws.

A link from this Site to another website (or a link from another website to this Site) does not constitute a reference, warranty, approval, promotion, offer or request in connection with such websites, their content or any other products or services promoted or distributed through that website. The company believes that links to publicly accessible websites, web pages, information groups and other sources are legally permitted and meet the expectations of those who routinely use the Internet.

Without the written consent of the Company no person and no website can make a link to this Site, to its web page or to any other internal page.

5. Confidentiality

The company takes reasonable precautions to keep information obtained from online visitors safe from unauthorized access and use and periodically reviews security measures. Do not send confidential or personal information to the Company through this Site. No confidentiality link is created between the User and the Company by transmitting information to the Company. . Any information that the Company receives through the Site, except for personally identifiable information is considered non-confidential.

The personally identifiable information is used by the Company only to process a request for information from the User or to market our products and services.

By transmitting information to the Company through the Site or any other electronic means, the User grants the Company the right to use, reproduce, present, modify, distribute or process that information.

The company has the right to use the information including any know – how, techniques or ideas contained herein free of charge and for any purpose.

6. Surveillance

The Company is not obliged to monitor any offer or transmission to and through the Site or any other site that has a link to and from the Site. However, the company reserves the right to monitor, including any chat room or similar websites.

The User agrees that the transmission of information does not imply any obligation and that by registering or transmitting information, except for personally identifiable data, no contractual relationship is created between the User and the Company.

7. User Behavior

When accessing or using any part of this Site, you are not allowed to:

– to place any information that contains illegal, threatening, abusive, offensive, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, vulgar or that may raise objections of any kind, including but not limited to any transmissions that

constitutes or encourages behaviors that are considered criminal acts, that may attract civil liability or that otherwise violate national or international law;

– to place or transmit any information or software that contains a virus, worm, Trojan virus or any other harmful element;

– to interfere with the operation of this Site or to restrict or prevent the access of any other User of this Site;

– to place, make public, transmit, reproduce, distribute or exploit any information, software or other material, obtained through the Site for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of the Company;


Any attempt by any person to cause damage to this Site or to undermine the operation may constitute a violation of civil or criminal law. The company reserves the right to claim damages for damages caused by such a person within the legal limits.

8. Applicable law and jurisdiction, limitations imposed by local law, updates, others.

The Site and these Terms of Use will be presented, applied and executed in accordance with the laws of Romania without reference to the principles of conflict law. The competent court is the one in Romania.

The company does not admit by this paragraph that any information, material or characteristics / functions that belong to it can be used in any other jurisdiction.

The Site is not directed to persons in any jurisdiction where (due to the nationality of that person, residence, citizenship or any other element) the publication or access to the Site contradicts local laws and regulations.

The persons to whom these restrictions and prohibitions refer, must not access or use this Site. By accessing or using this Site on its own initiative, the User is directly responsible for compliance with local laws and regulations.

Updates and changes to these Terms of Use may be made at any time. Each User must consult these Terms of Use each time he accesses and / or uses the Site.