RUAL LABORATORIES as an independent quality control laboratory has the principal duties listed as follows:

  1. Analytical method development
  2. Analytical methods transfer
  3. Competent evaluation of the results to determine whether the sample complies with the quality specifications or others requested criteria
  4. Supports the investigation of complaints related to the quality of the products

The quality control laboratories are staffed by qualified persons and are fully equipped for performing all the quality control tests required. The tests are performed in accordance with the written and validated procedures delivered from BP, USP, European Pharmacopoeias or developed by quality control staff.

Quality Management

The goal of our company is to achieve full satisfaction of our customers, by assuring that our services are of high quality with regard to safety, efficacy and reliability, and by ensuring that our services are made available to them in due time, as well as by offering our services at a lowest possible price.

This level of quality is achived through implementation of a system of documented procedures that provide guidance to our employees and reflect the competence of the Rual Laboratories to existing customers , potential customers and independent auditing authorities.

The Quality Management System ( QMS) manage all the informations which may have a direct or indirect impact on the quality of the product, contributes to the assessment of the quality of the products , ensures compliance with GMP/GLP – related activities.

Quality Assurance is the duty of all functions of our company, of those in position of responsibility at all levels and, ultimately, of every employee.

The management ensures that the Quality Policy of the firm and the principles of the Quality Management System are understood, applied and supported by all employees.

Planning, supervision and improvement of the Quality Management System is primarily and independently under the responsibility of the Quality Assurance Department, which has the duty and authority to identify quality problems, to require corrections and to follow-up corrective actions.